SP is a Spiritual rap artist that utilizes his talent to reach the lost, recovery of sight to the blind and wins souls for the Kingdom of God.  SP has been involve in Christian Rap since 2004, and currently has four albums and three mixed tapes. 

SP believes that music speaks to everyone and has no limits and through the power of God and social media, his ministry has touched lives all over the globe. His portfolio of events includes: church engagements, prison ministry, street ministry, birthday parties and family reunions, and more.

Book SP today for your next event! Planting Seeds! Winning Souls! is the goal…


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Free Downloads 


Chris Owens(4Sight) and Sean Thompson(Spiritual Peace) expose the lies in culture, music, government, and entertainment, while exposing the TRUTH in Jesus Christ and His Word(The Bible).

This album is meant to be played at a LOUD volume. The truth is greater than the lies, it’s greater than the devil, it’s greater than this Luciferian system!!!



  1. I love, In your arms Lord, Move, Don’t be silly, More than music, and Die swingin..

  2. Please support my brother Sean’s ministry, you will be blessed by the truth in love and sincerity expressed throughout his music!

  3. ~ All praises be unto The Most High Father and His only Begotten Son! Love the site big bro keep working and allow the Father to work through YOU!!! ~ #MANYBLESSINGS

  4. Hey, brother,

    I was honored to hear you a week ago at that little church in J-town. You gave me a CD and I told you I’d be sending you a gift this week… sorry I’m a day over that commitment. Anyway, I went to use the Paypal on your site, but I’m all hooked up with Bill Me Later…. so I guess that’s not going to work. How about if I send you a money order. Will that work for you? I’ll get it from the post office. All I need is an address and I’m not finding one here on your site.

    In Jesus and only because of HIM,
    judy irvine

  5. Love your music I heard them at a skate rally they are the best

  6. Brother from your little angel Netta. You re the bomb diggedy. You got that love babe babe. Lol. The song keep changing the world with your music

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